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Tooth decay is a common dental problem, but when it becomes advanced, it can cause pain and infection. Two options for treating advanced tooth decay are extraction and root canal procedures. Alexandra Peri, DDS, offers extractions and root canals to eliminate dental pain and stop decay and infection from spreading. To learn more, call Mint Dental in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, or book an appointment online.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal procedure?

At the core of each of your teeth is the root canal. It contains the nerve and the pulp of your tooth. If tooth decay becomes advanced, it can reach the pulp inside the root canal, causing a painful infection that can spread throughout your jawbone if left untreated.

A root canal procedure is used to treat a tooth with decayed or infected pulp. During a root canal procedure, the pulp and nerve of a tooth are removed and the root canal is filled to prevent future infection. The nerve of a tooth is not essential to its overall health, and it can be safely removed without affecting the day-to-day use of the tooth.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

Before beginning a root canal procedure, Dr. Peri will take several X-rays of the tooth and surrounding area to determine the extent of the decay and infection. To begin the procedure, you’ll be given a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable while the root canal is performed. 

While root canal procedures have gained a reputation as especially painful or unpleasant, the reality is that a root canal is no more painful than most other dental procedures. Most people report that the most painful part of a root canal is the initial infection that brought them to the dentist in the first place.

Once your tooth and surrounding area are sufficiently numbed, Dr. Peri will drill a small access hole in the tooth, so that she can remove the infected pulp and nerve tissue along with the bacteria and infected tissue from inside. The inside of the tooth is then rinsed out and thoroughly cleaned. Once the tooth has been sufficiently cleaned, it is filled and sealed with a durable dental material that will prevent future infection.

If you’re experiencing a painful toothache or advanced tooth decay, talk to Dr. Peri about your options. Call Mint Dental today and speak with a friendly team member to make an appointment, or use the online scheduling tool.